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Protect your family from online pornography and other dangerous content with our TVO BLOCKIT Internet filter. Once installed we block pornography from being accessed on your computer(s) or mobile device(s).

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A trusted Internet filter service. Since 1999

TVO-BlockIt is provided by True Vine Online. Since 1999 True Vine Online (TVO) has provided clean safe Internet to Christian families. Originally a dial up ISP, True Vine has evolved with the technology. Today we protect thousands of families blocking pornography as well as other dangers. Our filters provide peace of mind to parents. The TVO Blockit service works with your current provider or you can choose True Vine Online as your provider.

It's not just for kids!

Many people without children subscribe because they do not want trash coming into their homes. Men appreciate that we are willing to hold the password to stop temptation.

A balanced approach to filtering.
With over 12 years experience, we have learned how to strike the correct balance. We block the trash without interfering with normal Internet use.

Flexible for the needs of your family.
Our filter is not "one size fits all". Family situations are different. We can customize the rules to meet the needs of YOUR family. Our filter specialists will work with you.

A server based solution.
Although you install software, the actual filtering is done through a remote server, not on the computer. The internet remains fast and reliable.

Always up-to-date.
Since it is server based and maintained by the professionals, you will not need to download any updates. As soon as we discover sites to block, you are automatically protected.

Laptops protected wherever they are used.
If your children take their laptop to a friend's house or a wi-fi hotspot, they are still protected. Our filter works anywhere.

Internet Filtering - Pornography Blocking
We take out the trash!

Web site filtering removes porno & other offensive material filtered before it ever enters your home, we use server based internet filtering.

More than just a filter. A comprehensive service.