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  • Removes porn & other offensive material
  • 30 Day FREE TRIAL
  • Filtered before it ever enters your home
  • SERVER based filtering
  • A managed filter service
  • Filter for your family
  • Filter for yourself. Avoid temptation.
  • Protecting families since 1999
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Since 1999, we have provided a Christian Internet Filter to families, making their internet experience safer and more enjoyable. True Vine Online is proud to offer our Internet filter and filtering service that allows you and your family to check email, browse your favorite sites, and view that funny new clip without having to worry about inappropriate material. Our filter software works with your current provider.

You want your kids and family to enjoy all the advantages of today’s high-speed internet, and have information readily available. But what you may not realize is that they are logging into a battlefield every time they sign on. With pornography, lewd material and sites that hack your computer bombarding from all sides, it can be hard to sift through the trash. Luckily, True Vine Online is here to help.

Don’t let the trash of the internet undermine your family’s values. Get an Internet Filter from True Vine Online and start surfing safely!

Learn About Our Internet Filtering